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Frequently Asked Questions

Please contact to discuss your requirements with one of our experts

1. What is an insulation blowing machine?

An X-Floc insulation blowing machine is a high performance, efficient method of breaking up compressed insulation material, using high pressure to transport it through a conveyor hose to the point of application. 

2. What are the advantages of blowing insulation material?

Using X-Floc machines to install blown insulation helps to achieve a high-density full-fill within the panel or cavity, which will achieve maximum insulation performance. 

3. What are the benefits of X-Floc blown insulation machines?
  • High quality German engineering 
  • Designed for a wide range of blown insulation 
  • Range of designs from Compact 240v M99 portable model (3.5 tonne vehicle) to the powerful 3 phase EM440 model 
  • Wide range of specialist application tools 
  • Designed for ease of use 
  • Proven design  
4. What types of insulation can I put through my X-Floc machine?

Any insulation that has certain flow characteristics whether bead, fibre or granular can be installed. Typical installations include: 

  • Blown cellulose fibre  
  • Blown woodfibre 
  • Blown glassfibre 
  • Blown mineralfibre 
  • Blown mineral granules 
  • Blown EPS bead  
  • Ecobead 
5. Do you need special training to operate X-Floc machines?

X-Floc provide training and a comprehensive user manual. Contact us to discuss your requirements. 

6. What tools and specialist nozzles are available?

Blowing in loose fibre insulation material can be done under diverse conditions. X-Floc offer a full range of solutions but please contact us for advice. 

  • Injection hose 
  • Insulating needle 
  • Injection nozzle 
  • Rotary nozzle 
  • Ventilated rotary nozzle 
  • Injection lance 
  • Insulation blowing plate 
  • Damp spray 
7. What are the differences between the X-Floc models?

X-Floc have three different machines ranging from the small and portable Minifant M99-DS to the large factory-panel filling EM440. Please contact to discuss your requirements.

8. What is the warranty on X-Floc machines?

The high performance X-Floc machines are designed and manufactured in Germany. All machines have a full 90 day warranty. 

9. What maintenance is required on X-Floc machines?

All units are designed for high workflow rates. General user maintenance requires cleaning and inspecting leads, nozzles and seals. Guidance for specific maintenance will be given on purchase. Further service plans are available. 

10. How much do the X-Floc machines cost?

To discuss the cost for the X-Floc machine that will suit your requirements please contact us. We can also discuss options for tools, specialist nozzles, training, maintenance service plans, and delivery.